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Foodie Friday: Lemon Water & Lemon-Ginger Tea

This delicious concoction is so simple it can’t even be called a recipe really, yet it has become one of my go-to drinks to start and end the day, especially during cold and flu season. I even bought lemon juice to keep in my dorm room so I can make lemon water in the mornings and tea in the evenings to try to avoid the dreaded “Purchase Plague” that goes around my school in the winter.

Lemon water has a multitude of health benefits, including being great for your digestive system, promoting hydration, enhancing weight-loss, freshening breath, and being a source of vitamin c, which is helpful for preventing illness, among other things. Apparently, warm lemon water is commonly drunk in France, called an eau chaude citronnée. The honey and ginger in the tea also support your immune system and soothe sore throats. My mom has been making me this tea for years whenever I’ve gotten sick. One of the nice thongs about it is how the recipe can be adapted to suit many different tastes; more honey, or less ginger for example. Personally, I loved the sweetness of the honey as a kid, but have grown to enjoy a stronger ginger flavor as I’ve gotten older. I use less honey now, and actually eat most the ginger pieces that end up in my cup.

It’s also adaptable in that, in the case you don’t have access to a stove top, as I do not in my dorm, hot water can simply be poured over the ingredients and left to steep, rather than cooking it all together on the stove. You can also use bottled lemon juice in place of fresh juice.

Finally, I just want to put out a reminder that all the measurements in these recipes are approximate, and based on my preferences. Play around with them and figure out how YOU like it, because that’s what really matters when you’re the one drinking it! Here’s to your health! (And a whole lot of yumminess in the process 🙂 )

Lemon Water

Juice of 1/2 lemon

8oz warm or room temperature water

Lemon-Ginger Tea

Juice of 1 lemon

2 inches fresh ginger, peeled and sliced

1 Tbs honey (local honey is best, but certainly not necessary)

16oz water

In a small pot, add ginger to water and allow to simmer 5-10 minutes. Add lemon juice and honey, and let steep for another 5 minutes or more (longer time creates a stronger ginger flavor). Enjoy warm in your favorite mug!S


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